~Newborn Sweetness~ RAF Alconbury Lakenheath Mildenhall Photographer

I am in love with this session. She was a dream to photograph, hardly a peep. I got to use a few new props and backgrounds which was exciting. :) I’m not quite finished editing but I wanted to share a few pictures from her session. Enjoy!

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~Family Love~ Alconbury Mildenhall Lakenheath Photographer

With they way England has been as far as weather I was afraid we would be rained out. But it stayed away for me. ;) This lovely family joined me early morning for a fun session. We even managed to get our feet muddy getting into a rapeseed field. Sorry again about that. ;) I still have mud on my shoes. lol Here are a few from that session. Enjoy!

Love this age! She was blowing me kisses. So cute!!

I love the shoes with the dress,

What you can’t see is she was dancing side to side. Such sweetness.

With those nasty looking rain clouds behind them I was sure we would get rain. But nope. Love the dark contrast to the bright yellow rapeseed.

Last one I promise :)

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~Fathers Day Mini Session~ RAF Alconbury RAF Lakenheath RAF Molesworth Photographer

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